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Design Services

AKROSAN's design aspect is dedicated to creating captivating and functional designs that resonate with users and elevate products to new heights. Our diverse range of design services includes:


We begin the design process with conceptual sketches that capture the essence of your vision. Our skilled designers translate ideas into rough sketches, laying the foundation for the creative journey ahead.

Subdivision Modeling

Leveraging advanced modeling techniques, we create intricate 3D models with smooth surfaces and fine details. Subdivision modeling allows us to explore complex shapes and refine designs with precision.

Clay Modeling

We bring designs to life with tactile clay modeling, allowing for hands-on exploration and refinement of form and proportion. Our clay models serve as tangible representations of concepts, facilitating collaboration and decision-making.

Daha fazla bilgi için bizlerle iletişime geçebilirsiniz.

Surface Design

Our expertise in surface design ensures meticulous crafting of every detail to enhance both aesthetics and functionality, resulting in visually appealing and ergonomic products.

UI - UX Design

We specialize in designing intuitive and user-friendly interfaces that enhance the user experience (UX) and engage users effectively. Our user interface (UI) designs prioritize usability, accessibility, and visual appeal, resulting in seamless interactions and enhanced satisfaction.

Visual Prototyping

We create visually stunning prototypes that provide a realistic representation of the final product. Our visual prototypes allow stakeholders to visualize concepts in detail and provide valuable feedback early in the design process.

visual proto
functional proto
Functional Prototyping

With functional prototypes, we validate designs and test functionality to ensure that they meet performance requirements. Our prototyping process enables iterative refinement and optimization, leading to robust and reliable products.

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